Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Candy Cauldron V2.1 upGRADE

Forget all that stuff in my last post about what I cooked.  I went back to the Uno version, really at a loss about why everything stopped working.  I decided to check power, first on the 5V rails--no power!  Then, I check what was coming from the 5V pin on the Uno. Nothing.  The only answer (other than a cooked Uno, which I did not believe) was a bad jumper wire.  Sure enough, I did continuity tests on the wires and one was bad.  I replaced them and it worked. So, the sensor and amp are both fine.

I went back to the Trinket.  It's putting out static only.  Same sensor, same amp. So, maybe I cooked the Trinket.  I'll have to decide whether I want to solder up another Trinket and perhaps sacrifice it this year or wait until next. As for now, I've spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME working on something that already worked,  I have the bigger cauldron, and I have a switch, and it works again.

My other upgrade for next year is to put the Trinket--or Uno if I can't get the Trinket to work--into low-power mode while it's dormant to save battery and avoid having to turn it on and off so much. I've just learned how to do that in concept and this appears to be a good application.

So. I can take it to work tomorrow to entertain my co-workers. Since Halloween is a Saturday, I'll decide then if I want to spend more time (and maybe money) getting the Trinket version to work again.

I feel much better! On to 3.0!