Sunday, April 24, 2016

G5RV Jr mounted--almost all set

On the house (middle)--J-Pole for 2 meters on the left
G5RV Jr on the mast with balun and juntion box
I wanted to get my new antenna mounted and installed yesterday (23 April) so I could get on the air for Marconi Day.  Unfortunately, it rained and we decided to be safe.

Today, we go the antenna mounted on the house and ran the horizontal wires out to trees, The job went smoothly almost without issue.  The only problem was that the ladder line extended down farther than I expected. We measured, and it was 19+ft.  I went back and checked the specs, which say 16ft. I went to my 2 meter rig and raised a local ham with the same antenna, and he verified the 16ft. 

So, we took the antenna down, cut the ladder line down, desoldered the existing connection from ladder line to the SO-239, and soldered the shorter piece. Then we re-mounted the antenna and ran the horizontals out to trees in the back yard. We used ropes connected to the insulators to secure the antenna to the trees, and inserted 24" rubber bungees for strain relief.

By that time we were ready to call it a day.  For tomorrow:

  1. mount the choke balun on then house
  2. mount a waterproof juntion box next to the balun
  3. connect the balun to the ladder line inside the junction box
  4. connect coax to the balun, with a lightning arrestor  between them
  5. ground the lightning arrestor to the ground rod
  6. run the coax through the wall to the shack and connect to the HF rig
  7. figure out what I need to do for station ground
  8. get on the air!