Monday, April 25, 2016

On the air!

As described in  this post  the antenna (G5RV Jr) was mounted yesterday. Today, we finished the connections (see photo), and hooked up the Ten Tec Jupiter.
Ladder line connected to coax via a juntion box, to the balun and off to the rig
I was able to hear a lot on 20 meters and some on 40.  It's tough to break in at times, and it's not always clear whether I'm not getting through or some one else is transmitting over me. Very often, you only hear one side of a conversation.  For example, I could hear someone in the Czech Republic clearly. At one point he was talking to someone in Connecticut, probably 200-300 miles from hear, but I could not here the Connecticut station.  Propagation is funny like that.

I did check into a marine net just to be sure I was getting out, and a relay station in Georgia confirmed the check-in. Later I spoke with someone in Portugal and someone else in Nicaragua.  This is cool. Tommorow morning I'll try ECARS (East Coast Amateur Radio Service) to see how I do on 40 meters.

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