Saturday, August 22, 2015

+adafruit Neoplxel Tiara on an actual tiara

This is an ongoing saga. I got the idea to put the neopixel tiara on an actual tiara for my granddaughter's Nursery School graduation in June. I could not find a suitable plastic tiara, and the the metal one I built needed so much insulation that it was ugly. Also, the Gemma and battery back make it unwieldy for a 5-year-old. Here's a video:

I found some plastic tiara's that are not great but the may do the rick. Here's a photo comparing the two:

I took the metal one down for her graduation, and I brought my spare, unwired.  She wore the plain tiara all day every day, but was not impressed by my circuit--as I said, ugly and unwieldy.So, back to the workshop. I'm planning something for her 6th Birthday this Fall.

I got lots of help from Becky Stern of Adafruit, on air on Wearable Wednesday, and on the Adafruit Support Forums. The code is the same as my Twinkling Daffodils, except that I use a different pin on the Gemma than I did on the Trinket for the Daffodils (convenience).

I took out another Gemma and programmed it.  BTW, since I last worked on this the Arduino IDE wend from 1.6.3 to 1.6.5.  I had 1.6.4 installed, with the Adafruit boards added in.  After I upgraded to Windows 10 last week, I upgraded the IDE to 1.6.5.  It was a completely painless upgrade.  I didn't have to reload any of the Adafruit stuff or any drivers, and Windows 10 did not interfere at all.

I plan to glue the Gemma behind the middle of the tiara, sew or glue the 6 neopixels in the loops (as in the metal one), and glue the battery pack to the front of the comb.  I can try CR1220s, but they will provide 40mAh.  With 20A for the Gemma and 20 for the neopixels (varyung colors and brightness and not on at the same time), they might last an hour.  (Thanks to Becky's tutorial on batteries.) The problem is that it's hard to change them.  I may have to glue a CR2032 battery holder, or maybe use the sewable holders.

Anyway, I have a fun project to work on while I'm doing the Robot Cart at the same time...and, Halloween is coming!

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