Friday, August 21, 2015

@MAKE #Electronics Experiment 32: Robot Cart (Part II)

So, carpentry and fabrication are not my strong suits. Evidently I'm not real strong on following directions, either. Anyway, this is pass one, and I'll keep at it.

The good news:  I proved that I can use the 12"x12"x1/8" sheets of ABS (that I bought from Amazon about a year a go thinking they's come in handy) for the main cart body.  They're not thick enough to screw into, so I'll add 1/4" plywood, or maybe see if I can find 1/4" ABS.  I was able to cut the sheet to 9"x8", drill holes for rounding corners, then cut the rest, and use my heat gun to soften it for bending into shape See Fig. 5-92 on p. 275.

  1. I used the wrong saw. That's why the cuts look ugly.  I knew that, but I bought a reciprocating saw at Harbor Freight and have been dying to use it.  I'm going to a hand saw, maybe a coping saw. 
  2. I drilled 3 of the holes in the wrong place. The idea is to have 1/2" diameter holes to round the 4 corners of the cut ABS, but you need to drill the holes in the inside of the cut, not the outside (that's why you see some holes that don't appear to be random--they are just wrong).
Other than that it's great.  I'm ready for pass two, and I learned a lot.