Saturday, August 22, 2015

@MAKE #Electronics Experiment 32: Robot Cart (Part IIA-Better)

3rd attempt at the cart.  Used a hand saw this time, and my handy drill. I marked Xs on the pieces I want to cut out to remind me what I'm doing.

Cart is now fabricted.  You can see some damage from bending the frame, but it will do for now.  I may redo it if I like the final product and want to showcase it.
OK, so I can't follow directions. It's a good thing I bought 10 sheets of ABS, because I have ruined 2 now, and may need another.  I got through my measuring, drilling and cutting, only to see that I pu the cuts on the wrong side.  So, I measured and drilled again...that's the top photo..and took the step to mark the pieces that wanted to cut out.

I made the cuts. used my heat gun to soften the plastic, and bent the sides.  I left the final cuts (removing the short pieces on what would become the top) so I could bend those into a position to cut them.  It was ugly.

I'd like to say that I started on the wrong side on purpose (one side is textured and the other smooth), but it was by mistake. It turned out to be almost OK because I had significant shaping and deburring to do, using my Harbor Freight Dremelish tool.

When I bent the frame back to put the textured side out, there was some damage (see lower photo).  It's usable as-is, so I'm going with it.  If I really like the cart when it's done. I'll redo the frame.

By some 14" plywood, the hardware (hinge, bolts, nuts, screws), and maybe some 3" disks to use as wheels,  as suggested by James Floyd Kelly.

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