Friday, January 9, 2015

@MAKE Electronincs Experiment 17 Done

In my return to Charles Platt +Make: Electronics I finished Experiments 17 today. 16&17 used 555 timers. I have 10 more on order from eBay, and will do some more fooling around when they come. Interesting that my Elenco learn-to-solder kit that I used almost a year ago resulted in a siren using the 555.

I went through the author's shopping lists for the rest of the book and ordered a bunch of everything, mostly from eBay, some from other suppliers. I'll get mail everyday for at least a month.

Experiment 18, a time reaction game, will have to wait for the 4026 decade counter chips I ordered. That should be a fun use of the 7-segment LED displays I have.

Fun times to come!