Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mario Question Block from @adafruit - Part III

OK. Problem 1 is that, despite +Phillip Burgess ' warning, I soldered the Piezo to the Trinket before I wired it correctly (in my defense, I did heed the warning, I just wired it wrong). I thought I knew which hole to pass the wires through, but after I did it I realized something was wrong.  Here's what that was:

  1. the tutorial is not crystal clear
  2. the hole I was supposed to used was partially obstructed by printing debris so I did not recognize it as a hole
  3. I did not pay attention closely enough
So, today's work:
  1. search local stores for shorter 2-56 screws
    I got 3/16" flat, slotted heads--the Phillips were beveled and did not provide enough thread (I would have liked more detail in the tutorial for this because I'm ignorant, but I got there)
  2. detach the Piezo and re-attach it with shorter screws (as noted in the last post, the ones I used were too long)
  3. deburr the hole for the Piezo wires
  4. cut the wires from the Piezo, string them through the newly deburred hole, and splice them to the other part of the wires connected to the Trinket
  5. tack the backpack to the Trinket
  6. cover the on-board LEDs with black tape (I know I have several rolls someplace, but in the interest of sanity I went back to the hardware store)
  7. screw the Trinket to the enclosure
  8. modify the diffuser so it will fit in the new cover  (also had to clean up the location for the diffuser--I guess I should have anticipated this, but I expected a cleaner print from the service--now I know why Charles Platt in +Make: Electronics wanted me to by a bunch of files and deburring tools)
  9. hook up the LiPo and charge it
  10. test and rework as required
However, I have some serious problems.
First, the screw hole for the Trinket is filled in and I cannot get it to screw in.  
Second, the switch does not turn the circuit off--I have to disconnect the battery. I followed the instructions on clearing the connection between the holes on the backpack--maybe I did not get it right.
Third, the Piezo chimes, but the LEDs do not flash. The connections look right to me.

So, I have more work to do.