Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mario Question Block from @adafruit - Part V

I got the LEDs to work.

  • I verified all the other connections
  • I tried a 5mm LED in the circuit instead of the LED sequin I desoldered--no change
  • I put the LED sequins in series on a breadboard, powered by a 5V 1500mA wall wart--they both lit
  • I checked the datasheet for the LED sequins, Max forward current is 25mA. Average forward voltage is 3.4V at 20mA.
Trinket Pin #4 puts out 20mA.  I'm not sure there's enough juice juice to power the LED sequins in series.  Everything I've read says to put them in parallel, but I'm going by the instructions in the tutorial. I never got a response to my query on the Adafruit Support Forum.

However, I wired the LEDs in parallel as opposed to series, and they both light. I have given feedback on the tutorial.

Next: put it all back together and wear!