Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mario Question Block from @adafruit - Part II

When last we saw this, I was waiting to get replacement 3D printed parts back from the service I used. The first print was missing the handle and the cover did not fit. New parts arrived yesterday.  It has the handle, and the cover fits. I'm a little disappointed because I started this about 6 weeks ago, but I'm ready to go. I'll put on my white lab coat and get to it.

The first thing I tried to do was upload the code to the Trinket (so I will have when I get the product assembled).  After I located a mini-USB cable I found that I forgot to update my Arduino IDE (I knew that because I got "PLLCSR not defined in scope" etc. on compiling).   DUH--I needed to set the board to Trinket 8MHz, but first I needed to update my hardware folder. Then, I went to upload and got my favorite avrdude messages.  DUH--I forgot to add some other changes. Of course, the Adafruit Learning System has all this spelled out here.  I'm sure I saved some frustration later on when I'll be anxious to try this out.

Later that day...
The good news is that my new soldering iron and heated solder sucker work really well. I made it mostly through the project, to get here:
I got the soldering done, following the tutorial I had one issue: the first diagram shows all the wires from the backpack coming out of the top. That's wrong: the wires to the slide switch come out the top, but the 5V, BAT, and GND wires go out the bottom. So, I got out the new solder sucker and re did them.  I am supposed to attach the backpack to the trinket with tack...I need to redo that.  I also need to fix screw the trinket to a standoff.  T

Also he only 2-56 screws my local hardware store had were too long too attach the piezo. I can make do until I get a shipment from sparkfun next week. 

The only other problem I have is that since my frindly 3D printing service did not re-print the diffuser, it doesn't fit. I'll had to do some modifications..  

I should get back to this tomorrow.

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