Monday, January 19, 2015

Mario Question Block from @adafruit - Final(?)

It's finished. See video

The final steps were:
  1. desolder the floating wire on the LED+
  2. desolder the GND wire, cut it to the same length as the + wire, resolder
  3. cut wires to go from LED1 to LED2
  4. solder LED1+ to LED2+ and LED1- to LED1-
  5. uncscrew the Piezo, drill the holes to expand, and refasten
  6. use tack to fix the backpack on the Trinket
  7. place the switch in it's holder
  8. mount the Trinket (this was not great--the screw head strips, but I got enough in to hold it)
  9. close it up (this was hard, because there's a lot of stuff in there and the cover still does not fit perfectly, but I got it)
This was not +Adafruit Industries' greatest tutorial.
  1. It says that the LEDs should be connected in series when only a parallel connection works
  2. There is no mention of the battery--where to position it, etc--the answer apparently is "stuff it in any way you can."
  3. The wiring diagram shows all wires coming out of the top of  the Trinket. Some must come out of the bottom. There is no mention of that in the text.
  4. The stuff about tolerances for 3D printing was not obvious (to me which is OK because I don't know anything, but it was also not clear to the 3D printing service I used)
But, it's done. On to the next project.